Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A New Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace Life At the Beach

So as everyone knows I like to do a wide variety of things inside my chosen field of jewelry design. (yes, I bore easily, and I am fortunate that there is such a wide variety of things to do when designing and making jewelry lol). One of my first loves is wire wrapping and is in fact one of the first things that I taught myself to do when I got started. I haven't been doing a lot of fancy wire wrapping lately, between summer, some home projects (cleaning out the basement to make more room for me to work in lol) and just everyday life, I haven't had much time to do more than the basics. I finally sat down at my desk the other night and designed and made this piece. It didn't start out looking like this but kind of evolved as I went along lol! I was relatively pleased with how well it turned it out since it has been a wee bit since I have done anything along these lines!

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Jennifer said...

It is beautiful! You are so talented to site down, design and come out with such a great piece of art!!