Friday, August 21, 2009

Another Peek At Our Zoo Trip

Moving along from the Australian Exhibit we have some pictures of beautiful foliage. Not what you were expecting is it lol! Actually on of my favorite things at the zoo is all of the different, exotic plants that seem to thrive in spite of being out of their natural habitat. (good job grounds keepers lol). Of course in my back yard the only thing left standing is the occasional blade of grass due to the three large dogs that think they own my yard lol. (apparently they do since I can't grow a darn thing back there!) Any way we move on from the pretty greenery to the giraffes. I am betting this guy is happy it not winter, I don't know how they would unstick his tongue from the pole! Onward to the butterfly house! (Right next to the giraffes) I know, I know, silly thing to get excited about lol! But they are so cool! This first butterfly doesn't look like much color wise but it is bigger than both of my hands together with all five fingers spread out. Now that's butterfly lol! And last but not least for this segment of our zoo trip are these bright colorful birds. I know what they are called, but the name escapes me, mostly because I need to remember it Right Now lol! Any way they are beautiful and you can buy cups of nectar to feed them. They will hop right down and try and take the whole cup from you. They also tend to squabble amongst themselves when presented with only one cup. I hope that you enjoyed this part of our zoo trip. Check back again and I will have another post up. The next one should include the polar bear who was actually up and moving, not curled up in a corner sleeping.

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