Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lots of Changes!

So I have decided to close my shop on Artfire as well as the shop on Goodsmiths.  Once my year runs out on Zibbet, unless things drastically improve, I will be closing that as well.  I will be keeping a minimal presence on Etsy, mostly because I belong to a great group there and have some really good friends that I interact with daily, not because I am fond of what Etsy has become.  I will be concentrating on just my two stand alone sites, and  I am working on moving all of my inventory over to those two site.  Both sites take Paypal and I still accept Propay, so if you want to pay me directly via credit card you can message me and I will send an invoice.  I am actually really excited about this, as I will no longer be pulled in 8 different directions and will be able to concentrate totally on marketing just one shop for the jewelry and one shop for the beads.

I am also selling beads with a group on Facebook called Lampwork Beads For Sale.  It is a closed group, you do have to be a member to buy (or sell).  However, all you have to do is request membership to join.  Its a great group of people and there are beautiful beads by a lot of different lampworkers of all skill levels.  Come check us out!

The sister group to that group is Lampwork Beads In Action which is a group dedicated to selling things made from the beads from Lampwork Beads For Sale.  Since I make both I sell in both lol.  This is also a closed group, same thing, just ask to join if you love jewelry using lampwork that is artisan made.