Saturday, August 22, 2009

Work In Progress

I thought I would show you a time lapse kind of thing on one of my beaded necklaces. This is about 3 hours worth of work (with frequent interruptions by the dogs, the husband and the occasional blank stare at the TV lol) This is a bead necklace made with a St. Petersburg Chain weave using a needle and thread. I am using peachy seed beads as the base and man made coral bits dyed a pretty peach and peach dyed fresh water pearls as accents. The focal bead is an agate that is a creamy white with pale peach swirls in it. This turned out to be much more lacy and delicate than I had originally thought but I am really liking it. And the purple bead on the end is my stop bead, to keep my first couple of beads on the thread til it holds together on its own. I added about another two inches and had to stop. Once you are too tired to see the seed beads its time to put the needle down lol! I haven't had a chance to finish this one yet but sometime this week it will get done and the clasp will be added.

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