Thursday, August 13, 2009

Live Laugh Love Soap

I love hand made soap. I am totally and completely hooked on hand made soap and won't use commercially made soap at all anymore. I am on a tight budget. In fact my budget is so tight you can usually hear it screaming from a mile away. I will save up for hand made soap and do without the cube of Coke to be able to use handmade soap every day. I also recently tried toothpaste soap. Sounds gross right? Brings back memories of swearing and the whole "i'm gonna wash your mouth out with soap thing" when you were a kid I'll bet. Lol at least it did for me! Well I bit the bullet (or the soap as the case may be) and tried some. WOW! What a difference in the way my mouth felt! And my breath is so much better! Does it taste nice and minty? Not really. Maybe just a hint. But I can tell you my mouth felt clean all day, things tasted better, and my teeth started to get whiter. Plus the stuff outlasts about 3 tubes of toothpaste and doesn't drip all over the sink in nasty, sticky green streaks. You should at least give it a try. Go check out this website, she has beautiful hand made soap AND toothpaste soap. Really good stuff! Don't even get me started on the handmade sugar scrubs! All pictures are clickable and will take you directly to her shop!


blueberryjunkie said...

I am on the same boat as you: I love handmade soap. That is all I buy so I am always on the lookout for wonderful handmade products.

JustATish said...

Thanks for the information on the toothpaste soap - i will look into that.

my daughter makes me sugar scrubs. i feel like a whole new person when i step out of hte shower - it is glorious!