Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Rest Of Our Zoo Trip

So we are now moving on to the Northern Trek portion of our zoo visit. And trust me its definitely a trek lol! Uphill the whole way and it just kept getting hotter and stickier! So our first stop once we stopped gasping for air was the bald eagle. He was definitely a majestic bird and was almost close enough to touch. What a magnificent bird! Bonus, the gift shop was air conditioned by this exhibit lol! We didn't buy anything but we spent a half an hour cooling off, I mean browsing. We passed this white tailed deer wallowing in a mud hole. He looked a whole lot cooler and more comfortable that we were. (and yes I was hot enough to be tempted lol). Onward to the polar bear. I love polar bears, they are stunning animals and HUGE lol! Did you know that their fur is really clear not white or cream colored? This is my first trip to the zoo in years where he was actually up and moving. I hope you have enjoyed my trip to the zoo, we did see a bit more but skipped several parts due to the heat and the need to get home and do some of the to do list that we dumped to go to the zoo lol!

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