Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Truth About Handmade

I saw this on a social networking site today and had to pass it on.  I wish everyone understood exactly what handmade entails.  This is a great example of the what handmade truly is.

"A lady wanted to purchase a beautiful hand crocheted dress and spotted a crafter who did absolutely amazing work, but she charged a good price too.

The lady thought that her price was way too high so she approached the crocheter and in quite a brusk fashion stated "I want to buy a dress from you, but I think you charge too much." The crafter was a little taken aback but replied "Ok, how much do you think i should charge?" The lady replied “I think you should charge “X” much, because the yarn will cost this much, and ribbons this much, and buttons this much. I even factored in the price of scissors."

The final price the lady had calculated was a lot cheaper than the crafters original price, but she said "Ok, deal. You will get your dress in a week".

The customer is very pleased with herself and can’t resist telling all her friends what a fabulous deal she has negotiated and how smart she is, and that in a week she will have her gorgeous crocheted dress.

A week later her parcel arrives in a lovely packaged box. She opens it and inside is yarn, ribbons, buttons and even scissors.

Angrily she contacts the crafter asking “How could you do this to me? I asked you for a dress and you sent me a box of yarn, ribbon, buttons and scissors?!"

The crafter quietly replies "My dear, you got exactly what you paid for, if you think there is something missing, you need to pay for it. "

"Moral of the story, when you buy handmade you are not just buying the materials you are buying the crafters, time, effort, love and dedication that goes into making your items. "

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Botanicals For Beauty Sent Me Scent Samples!

Well, that turned into an unintentional tongue twister!  My friend Laura from BotanicalsForBeauty sent me two scent samples.  They arrived the other day in the mail and I was pretty excited!  I may have mentioned before that I am a bit of a junkie when it comes to bath and body stuff and pretty much anything else that smells good lol!   So I got Bird of Paradise and Bora Bora.  Oh my goodness, they smell so good!  Lots of scent to these (which I love, if I am going to put stuff in my drawers to make my clothes and stuff smell good, you have to be able to, well, smell it lol.  Anyway, as I was sitting on the couch after opening these, I realized, hey, I don't smell dog anymore.  ( we currently have a dog and two cats so its a constant fight in my house to make it look and smell like we don't actually have a dog and two cats) Who knew animals manufactured the amount of fur that they do!  So I got a brilliant idea and stuffed this little scent sachet into my couch cushions.  Oh my, my whole living room smells good!  And its not that its super strong, its just strong enough to smell fresh and sweet.  Even when the dog is actually on the couch lol.  If you haven't checked out her website, go have a look, she has fabulous lotions and perfumes as well, and all of her ingredients have been researched carefully to make sure they are the safest for your skin.  Also no animal testing! They came in these cute little sachets, so not only did they smell delicious they are pretty to look at as well. If you didn't catch the link to her site above here it is again.

Botanicals For Beauty