Friday, October 31, 2008


Okay so I feel a little bit foolish about shouting it from the roof tops but I am having a sale in two of my etsy shops. I am having a 10% off sale in my SilverRiverJewelry shop. This includes all of my inventory. I am also having a $1.00 off any set of stitch markers in my SilverRiverStitches shop. Mention that you saw these saleson my blog in the notes to seller and I will give you free shipping also. I will refund the price before I ship your items. I have a wide variety of price points in my jewelry shop from about $10 to over $100 so there is probably something for everyone. The $1.00 off on the stitch markers is 10% off the $10 sets and and a little bit over that for the $8 and $9 dollar sets.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jewelry Design Competition

Check this out! JewelryInTheNet is having a major jewelry design contest. It started on October 15th and voting starts on November 30th. They have an amateur and a professional category. You can submit up to 5 entries. I have submitted one so far but would like to submit another four. I am not sure which pieces though! If anyone wants to take a quick peak at my shop and give me some suggestions on what I should enter PLEASE comment lol! You can find most of my work here I would really appreciate some votes come the 30th also lol! Although you should check out all of the competition I am sure there will be some awesome stuff!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Shop

So I have opened a new shop on etsy named Silver River Metal ( I struggled with this a little bit since I already have two shops on etsy, and I am expanding my skills in the metal smithing area and truth be told I love it! It meshes better with my addiction to lapidary (rocks) than the wire wrapping does and broadens my horizans by leaps and bounds. The lapidary addiction comes from taking and ugly rock out of the ground and turning it into something gorgeous and wearable. It's like a treasure hunt and you never know what you are going to get when you open that rock up, slab it, trim, grind it and polish it. Plus I find the whole process very relaxing. Weird I know lol! The metal work just compliments the stone work. I don't have to stress about finding the perfect setting, I can make my own. (I haven't achieved perfection yet lol, in fact I am perfecting melting bezels into small balls of silver more than I am anything but it is improving.) Plus I really like playing with fire, at least this way I am using that for a useful purpose! While I am not giving up the wire wrapping and beading, I will be shifting my purpose more toward the metal work at this point. As you can see there is a big difference in the two styles. Should be interesting to see where it will go.