Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Featured Artisan

I haven't done a featured artisan recently. Between the move from etsy to artfire, summer, and learning some new skills, and also working a bit more at the day job, I just haven't been that focused lol! Today, even though I don't sell on etsy anymore, I am going to feature an artist from etsy because her stuff is gorgeous, its inexpensive and would make a great gift for Christmas.


Joy does these wonderful, handwritten calligraphy verses and hymns on sepia toned paper. They are truly beautiful works of art and more than reasonably priced. She is also happy to personalize any of these for you. What a wonderful gift these would make for Christmas. Please go check out her shop today!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our Other Cat

Thought I would show of our other cat. His name is Drake and he is such a sweety. He is also one of the fattest cats I have seen lol. He is our other pound rescue. I brought home both Drake and Dragon on the same day although they are not from the same litter. Drake is about 2 weeks older than Dragon. I brought them home when they were about 8 and 6 weeks old. They are now about 6 years old. I don't know why he weighs so much, both cats get the same amt of dry food every day, they don't get table food and they don't get moist food. (Okay on Thanksgiving they do get turkey and on Christmas a tiny bit of ham). My guess is total lack of exercize and the fact that he is neutered. He is really just lazy. Dragon run around all the time and as you can see in previous posts about Dragon he is slim and trim. Short of chaining Drake to the treadmill I have about given up on trying to get him to be active. He is a really sweetheart thought and spends a good deal of time talking to us.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Downstairs Work Space

Okay here are the pictures of my other workspace. Affectionately known as the Cave lol! This is where I do all the lapidary, glass work and metal work. No pictures of the metal work set up at the moment since I use the same space for that as I do for the glass. Temporary, I just haven't gotten around to putting up the other table for the metal work. I now officially own one whole wall of the basement. I do get a lot of laundry done though lol! The first picture is the lapidary machine that I cut cabs on. This is the grinding and polishing part. The trim saw is in the garage and I go to the lapidary club and use the club slab saws when I need to make slabs. The other three are pics of the glass bead making set up and an idea of what the torch looks like when I am in front (actually behind but you see what I mean) the torch. This torch gets up to 1700 degrees. It really hurts if you forget where the flame is.