Thursday, July 16, 2009

SilverRiverRocks Is Here!

I have started a basic members shop on Artfire for destash. This will be mostly cabochons that I have cut myself and possibly some fused glass cabs also that I have made and possibly some destash beads. But its really hard for me to give any up lol! I have enough cabs to make something every day for at least two years but I JUST CAN"T STOP MAKING THEM lol! Its so relaxing and they are all so pretty lol! Anyway if things go well I will upgrade this shop to verified soon and start listing more than twelve at a time. I have some beautiful Ohio flint, which is found only in Ohio and is relatively rare. One of my favorite stones and I go and dig it up, slab and finish it myself so you will be purchasing true hand made by me cabochons. Come check it out!

10% OFF Just Because

I am having a 10% off sale in my Artfire shop. Mostly just because I can lol! I am still working on adding all of my etsy inventory to my artfire shop and also adding all the new stuff as I am making it. Have been kind of taking it easy and trying to enjoy the outdoors while it is nice out so I am not working on a huge amount of new stuff at the moment. Anyway, Everything in my artfire shop is marked down 10% already and if you mention my blog in the notes to seller I will give you free shipping as well. I will refund the shipping when you order. This is a great time to start your Christmas shopping or just to treat yourself to something special. Check back often as I will be adding a lot more inverntroy in the months to come. Have fun shopping!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Completely Not Business Related lol!

I just have to share this incredible opportunity my son is experiencing. He had the opportunity to go to Tahiti for a college biology class involving research on geckos and reef fish. How cool is that! he had never flown before much less left the country but I couldn't let him miss this opportunity. I mean if you are going to be taking a summer biology class you might as well do it in Tahiti! My son is the first one in the picture on the right. They are doing a blog about their experiences since they can't really contact us via phone and the internet is sporadic. Good practice for me to start doing some letting go lol! They seem to be really having a good time even though they are working quite hard. Up early, late to bed with lots of activity in between. My son is on the gecko team, studying the difference in speed between different types of geckos. Anyway, I am so glad that he is having this opportunity and would encourage any parents out there, if you kid has an opportunity to do something like this, make sure that they take it! It was hard to see him leave and know that I would have minimal contact for two weeks but I think this will grow him as a person, move him much closer to adult hood (in a positive way) and is providing him with memories that will last a life time. I am sooo proud of him!