Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just a Quick Add On

Just wanted to post a quick picture of another beautiful, romantic piece made by Exquisite Studios and my lamp work beads. The necklace is simply beautiful and I am thrilled she made my beads look so good lol! Here are the beads. And here is the lovely necklace she made with them.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Artisan Feature

Well I am finally back to posting on my blog. I have missed doing it but the holidays were so completely crazy I couldn't squeeze out spare moment.

I am going to do a little bit more on the artisan features this year, I have come across some really great shops. I am also going to feature some pieces from other artisans that are using my lampwork beads in their work. On that note, here is the first one. This piece was made by Exquisite Studios and can be found here. She took one of my lentils and paired it with a hammered circle made by AlishaWhite. I think they look beautiful together and am excited to see how my beads are used in other peoples creations. And not only does ExquisiteStudios make some really beautiful jewelry, she makes also makes the most beautiful candle holders. Go check out her shop, her jewelry is elegant and romantic and well worth a good look!