Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Garden

I love gardening.  Unfortunately the last couple of years have been so busy my garden was sadly neglected. (wish I had thought to take some before pictures lol).  So this year, while its still busy at my house, I decided that I was going to clean up the garden and whip the back yard back into shape.  I roto tilled a nice little spot for a vegetable and herb garden, fenced it off and weeded and planted all the beds along the fence and the garage. And then it hit the upper 90's with a bit of 100 degree weather thrown in for the fun of it.  My garden is struggling, despite the fact that my water bill has gone way up trying to keep everything alive!  There are some bright spots in the garden, this corner is doing very well.  And the weather is supposed to drop out of the 90's to a more reasonable mid 80's today and for the next couple of weeks.  I might actually get the rest of the garden up to par!

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