Friday, July 13, 2012


Just popping in for a moment, I am trying to stay on track and post at least semi regularly.

Tomorrow is the big day, my youngest daughter's graduation party.  It was a super busy day today, running around picking up all the last minute items, cake, balloons, food etc.  I'm worn out but everything is ready to go for tomorrow hurray!

Of course, her party is outside, at the Metro park, so we are hoping for a nice, not too hot, dry day.  It hasn't rained here (in an amount that you can count) in 3 weeks, so you would think that there would be no problem right?  The ONE day it needs to be nice all summer, there is a 40% chance of scattered thunderstorms lol.  What are the odds?  AND its going to be nice and sunny all of next week too.

We have no back up plan, however, we do have several easy up canopy's  that I use for my shows so at least the food and most of the people will stay relatively dry if a stray rain shower comes through.

So, in honor of this new and exciting chapter in my daughter's life, I am offering a coupon code for 10% off this Tree of Life Serengeti Pendant until Sunday night at 10pm. (July15th).  I only have one of these so once its gone, there won't be another.  Coupon code TreeOfLife is good in my Etsy shop only.  Please note that I do accept major credit/debit cards in my etsy shops as well as Paypal, and I am always happy to ship internationally!

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