Friday, July 27, 2012

Lunch at the Winery

Well, its been a busy week, not to mention scorching hot.  Add some heavy duty thunderstorms to that and well, I am shocked to realize a small part of me is wishing for fall!
 Things have been so hectic with my last kid graduating from highschool, and now looking at two kids in college, the grad party, a new work schedule for my husband, I haven't had much time to do anything fun with friends

This is the view from our spot on the wrap around porch.

Anyway, my friend Laura and I (we've been friends for 33 years!  Since junior high in fact lol), decided to spend the day together.  We headed out to the gym first then ran home, changed clothes and headed for the Wolf Creek Winery.   Not only do they have a nice variety of home grown wine, and
carry a nice variety of sweet fruity wine (which is the only kind I really like lol). they have a wonderful big wooden porch and they allow you to bring your own picnic food. (You can buy crackers and cheese etc from the also if you are in the mood)  So we gathered up our food and took off to the winery.  It was a bit humid (i.e. sticky and hot) but sitting under the roof on the porch with a bit of a breeze blowing was rather nice.  In case anyone is interested, besides the yummy wine (We settled on one called White Lies) we also had cheese and crackers, a delicious salad with tons of veggies and crab salad to add.  For desert, we had yogurt and fruit cups with fruit yogurt, blueberries, mangos and strawberries.  YUM! (and guilt free I might add!).  Every time we go, we say to each other, 'we need to this more often".  And we do. Need to do it more often.
 On a side note, if you like wine and you have lots of parties,
 I sell wine charms in my Etsy shop.  I will be contacting the appropriate
 people at the winery and see if they might be interested in carrying some of them in their winery.  Wish me luck!    

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