Monday, May 5, 2008

Spring is Finally Here!

Yay! spring is finally here in Northeastern Ohio. I really feel like April has just arrived and keep writing the wrong dates on everything lol! I am so glad that the warmer weather has arrived. I am not a winter person (and WHY do I live in Ohio ha ha!). So yesterday I get up and I am really happy that the sun is out and we can open the windows. Then I got a good look at what the gloom of winter has been hiding in my house. Eeek! So instead of running off to play I decided that I had better do something about the house. Mind you I have been working really hard at getting my jewelry business off the ground and I spend a good 30 hours a week on top of my "real" job online either promoting or posting new items or just general shop and website maintenance. This does not count the time I spend making things. Not complaining just stating the facts. Now my kids have normal chores so all this time that I have been neglecting the house the basics have been getting done (as well as teenagers ever do things, I think I should have been paying closer attention lol). So I did get quite a bit accomplished but realized that I really need to take 1 day a week to just work on stuff around the house and maybe just check e-mails so I don't miss anything that has been sold. I would love some comments on how everyone manages to get everything done in their lives and still stay sane lol! I am off to check out the garden and see what is beginning to bloom.

Hopefully we will have all of the pictures in from our 12 designers for the 2nd beading challenge very soon. I will also be doing another featured etsy artist soon.

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