Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Is it real or not?

There is a huge amount of information and also a huge amount of mis-information about what a stone is or isn't. Is it man made, is it quartz, is it jade, is it serpentine, is it glass? I am fairly new to stone identification so most of the time I can't answer that question without some help and relying on the dealer or store that sells it to me. I do know that it takes time to learn the differences and trust me, I am going to learn, not only because I don't want to get ripped off myself but I also don't want to steer my customers wrong. Today's learning tidbit is this: If it has bubbles in it, it is almost certainly glass. Yes I know that quartz is considered "glass" but the gemstones with rampant bubbles in them are man made glass not the good stuff so to speak. So if someone tells you it is genuine blue aquamarine and you see bubbles run the other direction. So can you tell? Are these "real" or are they "glass"?

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