Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Messy Jewelry and Beadweaving Space

This is what my work space for beading and beadweaving currently looks like.  I will be re organizing and adding some shelves to the left instead of current fold out tray lol.  I need to get all the containers back in the proper color order and have them on the shelves in away that I can see them at a glance.  And I need to get all of the crystals organized into bins size wise along with the seed beads.  Its almost to the point that its too messy for me to work in.  I seem to go through the same cycle every couple of months though, I will start off with a clean work space and I will run with wherever the inspiration leads me until its too messy to work on, clean it all up and then start again lol.  Anyone else out there do the same?

I will be working on the clean up this week.

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