Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Sunday Part 3

We did finally find the African Safari. I have to say I was a bit disappointed this time around. We had gone to this safari (drive through in your car kind of thing and you can feed the animals) when I was a kid and I can remember the monkeys climbing all over the car, the giraffes and zebras sticking their heads in the window in their quest for our yummy pressed grass pellets. This time around, the zebras were penned off, the monkeys were relegated to an island and the giraffe was behind the fence. We did get lots of deer, moose, buffalo, and long horn steers sticking their heads in our window for a taste of the aforementioned pressed grass pellets. Which was cool but really not very AFRICAN safari ish if you know what I mean. And for $14.95 (we had a $3 off coupon or it would have been $17.95) I really wanted the whole monkey, giraffe, zebra experience!

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