Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Sunday Part 1

I told my hubby on Memorial Day weekend I wanted to spend Sunday just with him. We also take other people with us when we go somewhere for the day, whether its one of the kids (who are 16 and 20 and really don't want to do things with their parents if they can help it lol), or my mother in law. I don't usually mind, but I really wanted to spend the day with JUST my husband. We decided to drive up to Sandusky and check out some things to do at Lake Erie, and just relax. It about an hour and a half drive (if i'm driving lol or two if my husband is driving). I drove. We stopped about half way their at this rest area because, well, the same reason we all stop at a rest area lol. We were pleasantly surprised to find a trail to a small scenic overlook. The drop from this overlook was far enough down to make me a wee bit nauseous. In the last picture, the tree is actually vertical. But who knew, we have been past this rest stop on many an occasion and never dreamed it had scenery like this.

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