Friday, May 21, 2010

New Beads

Well, my life is at its typically insane pace +10 the next couple of weeks lol. Lots of family stuff going on and I have to work extra since there are lots of vacations going on in the office. Schools out in a couple of weeks (thank goodness!), my daughter has her dance recital two days after school is out so we have lots of rehearsals (which would be no big deal but the car is in the shop until June 4th, due to an accident s0 she can't drive herself, rental car companies frown on 16 year olds driving their vehicles) and we have a holiday weekend in there. Just totally crazy all the way around. I have lots of new beads to list but haven't had time to take the pictures. Some new jewelry designs also, which incorporate beading, metal etching and lampwork. But you will have to wait just a bit to see those til I have time for pictures lol.

Any way, here are a couple of beads that I just recently listed. Simply click on the picture.

Also don't forget about the new sale section in my jewelry shop! 20% off or more on selected pieces. The discount has already been applied.

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