Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Saving the Rainforest

There is a fairly new selling venue out there that is focusing is on saving the rain forest. I thought this was really cool since if we continue to cut down our rain forests eventually we will manage to cause our extinction through greed and lack of managing our natural resources well. I recycle and try and do all I can to support our environment but I always feel I could do more. ShopHandmade allows me to list my items for free and also to sell them for free as long as I allow one of two sponsors to have a spot on my listing. Addicted to scrap booking and Addicted to rubber stamping are the two sponsors. The spot is very inconspicuous and does not in any way detract from my listing. You have the choice of donating a percentage of your price, or 10 cents or 25 cents when you sell an item. Donations are not required though. I just really liked this idea a lot. The site takes a couple of run through to get the whole listing process down as it is a bit different but once you figure it out is really quite easy to do. Go check it out and decide if you want to save a little piece of the rain forest today!

This is my shop url and you can check out the rest of the site from there.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Silver River Jewelry for mentioning this web sight Shop Hand Made. I signed up for my Son who wished we could do more for the environment. Love your Jewelry