Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving is Coming!

Wow time flies! I can't believe how close Thanksgiving is! I have nothing done and have barely started gathering all of the supplies I need much less cleaning the house. If you haven't guessed yet Thanksgiving is at my house lol! We usually have 10-12 people depending, and even though everyone brings food it is still a lot of work. This is usually how it breaks down. I get the turkey (the biggest one I can find, preferably over 25 lbs., everyone wants to take home leftovers), I make two kinds of stuffing, one with bread, onions, celery, and meat, and one with apples, onions, celery and bread. I also make home made mashed potatos, corn, and home made gravy. I also usually do two pumpkin pies, two apple crumb pies and a pecan pie. My sister makes green beans, a pecan pie and rolls and red cabbage. My mother in law makes cucumber salad, and sweet potatos. Needless to say no one can move after dinner for about 3 hours. I am very thankful that my 15 year old daughter really likes to cook so she comes home from school on Wednsday and starts helping with the stuffing. I usually get up and start on the pies on Wednsday and just do two at a time. That way all I have to do on Turkey day is stuff the bird, peel potatos and make gravy. We usually invite the neighbors over for dessert (let's face it there is plenty to around lol!).

So I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving with their loved ones. I for one am now exhausted and hungry lol and I still have a week to go.

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