Saturday, September 20, 2008

Trip to Put in Bay Ohio

We decided to do a spur of the moment trip to Put In Bay as the last of summer is slowly moving out. This was of course a last minute decision and since it is a two to two and half hour drive to get to the ferry and a half an hour to get to the island we left it a bit late (we left our house at 1 pm lol). So we get there (the ferry was just pulling out as we parked, they run every half an hour.) and it is now three thirty. I'm asking when the last ferry comes back! They said 8:30 which was fine that is plenty of time to go to dinner and drive the golf cart around the important parts of the island. Off to the island we go. It really is a pretty trip over and it was a beautiful day. Not to hot and not too cold. Until you get on the ferry and get out on Lake Erie. Brrrrrrrrrrr! I was wishing for a jacket the whole way over lol! Fortunately the scenery was lovely and it is always nice to be out on the water. We get to the island and rent a golf cart for the remainder of the day. (got there about four so we got a discount on the cart Yay!) Headed over to the tourist side of the island to get some food at the boardwalk. (They are famous for their lobster bisque, which they make on premise). We then left the touristy parts of the island and just took a slow cruise through the residential areas (very slow, those golf carts are painful, I wanted to get out and push a couple of times lol) and checked out some of the great bed and breakfasts that are available on the island. We made a quick stop and Dairy Queen (gotta love it lol) and then decided that if we wanted to make the fairy we should at least head in the direction of the dock (since the golf carts are soooo slow lol). All in all it was a very relaxing and low stress day, and since it was my husband, me, my mother in law and my 18 year old son that ranks as an excellent day in my book! If you are ever in Ohio and close to Marblehead you should plan at least a day trip to this island.


Tricia said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like a fun day trip :-)

jennai said...

The post so nice and photos make post a different imagination.