Monday, September 8, 2008

Mini Scrap Book Challenge On Etsy

So I ran across this thread in the forums and as soon as I saw the word challenge I just had to click on it. As you know Designed by Lucinda, Santiam Design, and I hosted two beading challenges so of course my interest was immediately peaked lol! And sometimes I'm just nosy. So here is the original post by Designed by Lucinda. As you can see all of the basics were provided by Sewphisticate.

Ever wonder what Scrappers will do with the same basic material? This is a Challenge to see how YOU can turn a mini-scrapbook into a Showcase item!

Sewphisticate ( has extra mini scrapbooks she is willing to mail to you FREE of charge just to see what you can make of it! No rules, no guidelines, just a free mini scrapbook to decorate and then send her the pictures to feature on her blog (HOW COOL IS THAT? Free book, free mail, free blog publicity - - AND you can sell the finished product here on Etsy to recoup your labor costs!)

I am going to show you one photo of one of the entries (sorry to be such a tease lol) and then I am going to give you the link to sewphisticate's blog since she has all of the pictures and BONUS she has also interviewed each person who entered. It's a great read and wonderful way to get to know some of the people behind the shops at etsy. It's also just fun to see what they came up with. So here is one sample by Coffee Monkey. To see the rest you will have to go to Sewphisticate's blog. How cool is that! The creativity and diversity that people continue to show is just amazing! So go look, what are you waiting for!

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