Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Featured Artist

This time around I am featuring an artist who works primarily in steel with a bit of other things thrown in. He started out making furniture and decided to switch to making jewelry as the shipping was a wee bit prohibitive on the furniture end. And I would say that the switch was well worth it.

Timothy Adam Designs
I find his work to be totally unique in the way he puts things together. The pendants are very industrial looking at first glance but if you look closer there is a definite organic feel to them. I find this very interesting. I also find his use of different metals and shapes and the way he puts them together to be intriguing. This is a different perspective on the use of metals that most of us don't even consider for making jewelry. Honestly if someone would have said I would consider wearing jewelry that was made of steel and had an industrial feel to it I would have laughed. However, I have changed my mind and may be adding some of his collection to mine. (My personal one that is not the one I sell lol!). Not only does he make jewelry but he also make wonderful earring trees, and some very interesting sculpture. He has been very active in the etsy forums and has also been actively promoting other artists. This shop definitely deserves a look and probably a second and third look. Go check it out!

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