Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So You Think You Are Unique Beading Challenge 2

Well we are well into our second contest in the So You Think You Are Unique Beading Challenge/Contest. We have broadened our horizons and opened the challenge to the international community also. DesignedbyLucinda provided the beads for this contest (Thanks Cindy!) and they look challenging! Here is the list of people participating this time around. And remember that SantiamDesign provided the beads the last time so she is making an entry this time.


Bath, United Kingdom


New Haven, Conneticut USA


Ottawa, Canada


Miami, Florida USA


Banks, Oregon USA


Mehama, Oregon USA


Seattle, Washington USA


West Bloomfield, Michigan USA


Richmond, Virginia USA


Portland, ME USA


Dayton, Washington USA


Salem, Oregon USA

So these are our twelve and below are the two alternates in case someone doesn't get done in time. Also listed below is one of our judges, and we are looking for at least two more. If you want to volunteer to judge convo designedbyLucinda and let her know.

milburnjewelry ALTERNATE

xueoriginals ALTERNATE

I have three of the contestants that are already finished and I can tell already it is going to be another interesting challenge. How much alike or different do you think they will be?

One Judge so far:


EarthlyCreations said...

I can't wait to see the items when finished. I'm a little disappointed since 10 of the entrants are from the USA, I thought we'd be seeing results from all over the world. It will still be exciting, though.

Silver River Jewelry said...

We were also hoping for more of a response internationally and we had the post up for quite some time. Hopefully the next one will attract more international participants.