Sunday, September 4, 2011

Brandywine Falls or Another Road Trip

As some of you may have figured out my husband and I like to go to the park and hike and check things out. We haven't done much this summer between the heat and high humidity (hiking in 100 degree weather isn't really my cup of tea!) and a busy work schedule, we haven't had much of a chance to get out and about.

This particular trip we went to Brandywine Falls. Pretty cool waterfall and a bit of interesting history. And the steps provided a nice little work out lol. Then of course there is this bit of advice to keep in mind while wandering up and down the trails and the steps!

The top of the falls don't look like much, my first reaction was pretty ho hum to be honest lol. I was questioning whether it was worth the effort to go on this particular hike. But being a good sport (and really needing the exercise lol) onward we went.

The side view was a bit more promising. Now it was starting to look a bit more like a waterfall!

Once we actually rounded the corner and went down the stairs you can see that it is actually quite a nice waterfall! Much more powerful than I would have believed looking at the seemingly tiny stream at the top of the rock!

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