Thursday, April 9, 2009

Awesome Sale!


Well here is the opportunity of a lifetime. A friend of mine over on Artfire is having a really good sale. And yes she is my direct competition lol! Believe it or not many of us are good friends and we don't really see it as competition, we share lots of ideas, advice and we all share one very important thing which is a love of making jewelry in whatever medium our particular passions are in. Any way CC is having an awesome BUY ONE GET ONE FREE Sale. She has two pages of stuff on sale to choose from and she has an incredible eye for color so if you are looking for something for Mother's Day or just want to surprise someone special in your life this is the place to look first.

1 comment:

Hair Flair said...

This must be Cindy's work. Both of you have wonderful, timeless pieces!

(And great photography, too!)