Friday, April 3, 2009

Artfire Artisan Spot Light

I am going to (hopefully) be doing a lot more posting so check back often. I will be doing a lot of spotlighting for some fellow artisans and just general overall stuff. Here is today's spot light and if you like what you see here, go check out her shop for some more goodies.

Pirate Pixie Crew

Here is the scoop on Lynn and why she does what she does. And I have to say I really like the grey beret, I find it to be very subtly yet elegant. And the turquoise fingerless gloves are awesome.

Welcome to the Pirate Pixie crew store!

I'm Lynne. I live with my partner Jon in South Wales, in the UK, with mountains behind our house, mountains in front and the sea within a 30 minute drive. It's a beautiful place to be.

All my life I've loved to make and create things. I like nothing better than to see a raw material be turned into something useful or beautiful.

At the moment I'm obsessed with creating things from wool. Hats, clothes, rugs... I also have a love for making hula hoops. They have a magical power that makes people smile.

I feel that imagination and fun is very important in all our lives whether we be young or old, so when you purchase a hat from it me means you become a Pirate Pixie Crew member. You will receive a membership card with your hat. See how Captain Skulduggery Dug came to have a Pirate Pixie Crew below. If my goods spark even small feelings of adventure and fun in the owners I am happy.

Go look, shop and enjoy! More artisan spotlights and other goodies coming soon!

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