Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring Alert!

Okay check out what I just found on Artfire. Now I am really longing for spring to arrive (as the sun glares off the snow that fell last night and this morning lol)!

All of Andrews items are recycled and I am going to insert what he has to say about them as he is much more clear and coherent than I am lol! As some of you may know I am a big believer in helping our environment and am doubly happy that I found Andrews stuff since it combines my love of gardening and nature with eco friendly things lol! Here is what Andrew has to say about what he does:

Quality And Value

Prized by boat builders and other artists for centuries, clear Western Red Cedar is the very best lumber for outdoor use. Its properties of stiffness, straightness of grain, high strength-to-weight ratio, resistance to decay, beautiful color, and enchanting scent are even greater when sawn from old-growth trees.

Unfortunately, there are so few old-growth cedar trees left, that with a steadily growing demand, the cost of this material is rising at such a rate that it’s becoming difficult for we as consumers to justify its use over cheap-looking shiny alternatives. The good news is, the lower prices I pay for this higher quality lumber gives me room to spend the time to carefully craft into each piece properties of unusual strength, and higher overall quality than normally found in cedar garden structures, and to sell the finished piece at a fair price.


Every piece is unique, as all have been crafted from woods full of different clues to its history, in decades-old fastener holes, tool marks, embedded mineral stains, and other minor inclusions. Although I saw and plane most stock to uniform thicknesses, I like these imperfections to remain as evidence of its antiquity.

Environmentally Friendly Goals

Thank you for considering recycled cedar. You may be contributing to a healthier future for your children and theirs, by playing the most important role in the preservation of our forests, and encouraging the further use of sustainable forestry practices throughout the Pacific Northwest and all over the world. You are actively contributing to the conservation of some of our most beautiful and beneficial resources, while finding the perfect addition to your garden.

So, go check out his shop at ANDREWSRECLAIMED or just click on a picture to go straight to that listing. Also Andrew might have mentioned something about a give away closer to spring so make sure you check back often.

More give aways are in the works also, including jewelry (not mine lol but maybe in the future), and beauty/skin products, so that's at least 3 give aways coming up in the next couple of months.

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Karrie said...

I LOVE this shop!! One day I am going to get a bat house.