Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Project Wonderful

Okay, I recieved and email from Project Wonderful (thank you for your quick response!) and they explained things a little more clearly. I was under the impression that it would be de activated permanently. This is not the case, this was intended to give me a heads up that I needed to maybe do some tweaking to make the ad spots more effective. So I am happy to say that their prompt response and their clearer explanation means that I can still support PW and continue to encourage people to use them. Hopefully they may re word that particular e-mail so that there is a little less freaking out by people like me lol!

So here is an interesting little tid bit about Project Wonderful. I have had Project Wonderful ads on my blog for some time. Usually they go for anywhere from o to about .04 cents an ad. So I get an email today from Project Wonderful stating that since the bidding on my ads and the click throughs are below a certain thresh hold they will de activate my ad box. Mind you it has only been 5 days for this particular thresh hold. So I have been telling everyone I know how great Project Wonderful is and how they should use their services to advertise and they should use Project Wonderful on their blogs and sites. I am feeling a bit betrayed quite honestly, I don't recall seeing that particular issue when I signed up. Also, I can see maybe 30 days of poor performance but 7 days? Maybe I am on vacation for two weeks and there isn't any activity on my site. What gives? I am seriously rethinking my advertising efforts with them and may in fact pull all of my advertising off of their site and find other means of advertising. What a shame that they have decided to do this.

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Cozy said...

I have had the same notices from Project Wonderful. I took off 2 of my ad boxes and kept up the best above the fold ad box hoping it will do well. Wait and see I guess.

Maybe it is a trend and everywhere traffic and views are down?