Thursday, January 8, 2009

Artfire Artist Review

So, I have to say I am very happy that the holidays are over. January doesn't really seem to be moving any slower though lol!

As previously mentioned I am expanding my selling venues on some fronts and getting rid of some on other fronts. One of the Ivenues I am going to be using quite a bit is artfire. Lovely community, great artists and lots of things to choose from. I came across a fabulous glass artist in the forums there. Her name is Tanya and her shop is ArtisticAccentsEtc-artglass. Now I do little bit of glass fusing, mostly for the fun of it but when I saw her shop I started to drool. Now I know that drooling is not that attractive but I really couldn't help it lol! Wonderful work, some of the best that I have seen and I strongly encourage you to go take a look at her shop. They are planning on adding many more pieces so I would encourage you to check back with her shop often. Below are a couple of words from Tanya about her and her family's business.

" I am a 33 year old glass artist from Chicago. I have been working with glass for about 8 years. This is now our family business and we have never been happier to be able to create our glass art full time. We are constantly trying new techniques and furthering our education in glass art to bring cutting edge designs to the art and jewelry lovers alike. Our techniques included, fusing, lampworking & blown glass."

So as you can see by the photos (and this is a small sampling of what she has) there is something for everyone in her shop. If you haven't spent your Christmas money yet (or even if you have lol) this would be a great place to shop at.

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Dave Robertson said...

Hi, S.R.J., nice pick of someone to feature. Tanya's glass is some superb work! :)

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