Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Dogs!

This post is completely devoid of any business lol! Dedicated to my three favorite canines, Black Jack (he's not really black by the way, and has beautiful pale blue eyes.), Liberty (also known as Libby, and Moo Cow) and Ella( who also has those baby blue eyes), the baby of the bunch. Black Jack and Libby are Ella's parents. All of Libby's first litter of pups died except for Ella. I nursed this puppy like it was my own child. Up every 4 hours so Libby could nurse her, I took her to work with me and bottle fed her in between, heck I took her to Walmart in a box lol! She slept at the top of my husbands pillow for a long time. Anyway by the time she was 10 weeks old we were so attached that we couldn't give her up. Crazy to have three Australian Shepherds in a house in the city but hey who wants normal anyway! So Black Jack is almost 11, Liberty will be 5 and Ella will be 4. And I am happy to say that her other two litters survived and thrived and have gone on to good homes. The whole point of this long drawn out post is to just say how much these dogs mean to us. Such good and faithful companions, such personality and love lol! So much mud in the house, stolen food off the counters, loud barking in the middle of the night. I wouldn't miss a single muddy paw print, these dogs have brightened and lightened our life simply by being themselves.

<--(Black Jack wishing hard for a piece of steak)

(Libby and Ella having a piece of steak)->

<--(Ella's favorite TV watching spot, just ignore the feet lol) The utter exhaustian of opening presents! --->

<---the sleep of the righteous dog lol!

Thank you Black Jack, Libby and Ella for keeping us sane, for loving us no matter how bad a mood we are in, for making us laugh at the most unexpected times, for gaurding our house (and sidewalk and block against the many squirrels and cats and birds that go by our front window lol), for making us excersize no matter how badly we don't want to go to the park and walk, for the complete and utter joy you bring to our lives on a daily basis. We love you!

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Caly's Jewelry Creations said...

Beautiful babies....!!!! We have a border collie/aussie shepard mix that we absolutely adore...he is he "Baby" of the family. We also have 2 others in our family...I couldn't do without any of them! They make me smile and laugh everyday...! Thanks for sharing!