Saturday, October 6, 2007

Puppies On The Way (Any Day Now!)

Well, we have three Australian Shephards. Blackjack (9), Liberty (3), and Ella (2). Ella is a pup from Libby's first litter. I absolutely adore this breed and my three in particular. Blackjack and Ella are both blue merle's and have ghost eyes (bright, light blue eyes). Libby is a black and tan. Ella got her eyebrows and brown points from Libby and her gorgeous coat and eyes from Blackjack.

I origianally wanted a Sheltie (you know something that fits on your lap and doesn't take up the whole couch kind of dog.) We went and looked at Aussie pups because we didn't know what kind of dog it was and we were curious. One look at that speckled ball of fur was all it took and our love of Aussies was born. We like him so much that we decided after about 6 1/2 years that we wanted another one.


Libby is affectionately called moo cow in our house. Not because she is fat, although she is big for her breed, ( and in this pic taken today she is very, very pregnant, and we could quite possibly have pups tonite.) but because of her completely placid nature. She is the most mellow, loving, and lovable dog ever.

Last but not least is Ella. Also know as Miss Ella, Ella Bella and Twit. Happy go lucky and hyper with loads of personality, she is the only one allowed to sleep with us. (The other two sleep on the floor next to the bed.) She was born in our house and is totally and completely spoiled beyond belief. Now all Aussie's have a high activity level and are extremely smart but she really is a bit hyper. She also is quite nearsighted which makes going to the park a real adventure. Because she can't see far away she usually hears people and other dogs before she can see them. We have been working hard to make her trips a little easier on her and I think she is getting more calm as she gets older. All I can say is thank goodness we have a fenced yard so that can work off some of that energy chasing each other around the yard
I will be posting an update on the puppy watch and will update on them once a week until they go to their new homes in December. Hopefully we will get some more that look just like this.

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Sweet Peas said...

Hi Sonja!

Your dogs are SO cute! Please post pictures of the puppies when they come!