Thursday, October 11, 2007

More of My Favorite Etsy Artists

More Etsy Artists!

I ordered a bar of doggy soap from HelloCraftya couple of weeks ago and
LOVED it! Not only was the soap really easy to apply (way better than the liquid shampoo) it smelled great, was really easyto rinse out (I have dogs that have a heavy undercoat so this is a real plus!), but our oldest has skin issues and after using this on him he didn't scratch for a couple of days. (miracles DO happen lol). It also left their coats super soft. I was really pleased with this product and will most definitely purchase more. I will also be purchasing some soap for myself!

I found this shop while I was in the forums (I actually find a lot of really cool shops and people in the forums). I just loved the color and pattern choices that Christie chooses for her pillow covers. Particularly the one on the left. I really like the idea of pillow covers. They are washable and easy to change if you decide to switch color schemes or if you change things out for the holidays.

Lauren makes the most beautiful, elegant and fun hairpieces that I have seen in a long time. Anyone have a wedding coming up? Talk to Lauren, I bet you'll have the most beautiful hair pieces in town. Mardi Gras or Halloween or maybe just a fancy piece for going to the opera or out on the town this is the shop to check out.

Hilary and her husband Asher make the cutest embroidered
t-shirts and onesies for little ones. I believe Asher is responsible for the original artwork and Hilary is responsible for converting the design into the finished, embroidered piece.They have a large selection to choose from and every time I check out their shop I wish mine were still little enough to let me dress them lol! I guess I will just have to wait for grandkids although I have them marked if I need a baby shower gift.


Anonymous said...

I love HelloCrafty as well! And now, i'm going to have to try her dog soap, thanks to you!! :D
Isn't it amazing what a blog can do these days! Lol....

Samantha said...

Putting favorite shops up is a great idea for a blog! I'm going to try it on mine soon too:

Maybe you could even do reviews of a shop you have a lot of experience with... interviews like with the featured sellers too!

And I love begurple's stuff! Amazing!