Friday, July 22, 2011

Jimmy Buffet Concert

So this is going to be one of those posts that have nothing to do with business at all.

My husband is a huge Jimmy Buffet fan, and was really excited when he heard that he was going to be at Blossom this year. We have gone to lots of great concerts at Blossom over the years, its a huge, bowl shaped out door concert area about 20 minute from where we live. The beverages are a wee bit expensive but I am sure that is par for the course no matter what the venue.

Anyway, I had hoped to buy him tickets for our 23rd wedding anniversary which happened to be 10 days before the concert. (yes, we got married in July, imagine, heavy silk wedding dress, 105 degrees, and no air in the church lol, we couldn't get to the reception fast enough!) Then I found out how much the tickets were ($100 a ticket). Needless to say, this is NOT in our budget, so I figured my husband, who really doesn't ask for much, was doomed to miss Jimmy Buffet.

Sooo, my MIL knows how much her son likes Jimmy Buffet and came to me and said, "If I buy tickets for your anniversary gift will you go with him?" (she knows me all too well, I would rather stay home and make beads lol). I like Jimmy Buffet, I just don't like him at $100 a ticket lol. So of course, I was not going to take away my husbands only chance of seeing Jimmy Buffet live.

Tuesday evening rolls around, the concert starts at 8 and its smoking hot lol! The place is packed to the gills, totally sold out with barely two feet of grass in site anywhere. We had a blast anyway and my husband was a happy camper! It was a good concert and very mellow, you know how each concert has a certain feel to it depending on who's playing and what kind of music it is? This one was very relaxing, no violence, to nastiness. And the music was fine.

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Tak said...

One of my best friends LOVES Jimmy Buffet. She always enjoys his concerts - but do to layoffs and extra cash shortages, I don't think she's been going to many lately!