Saturday, September 11, 2010

Please Help These Dogs

I know several people who do rescues, some locally and more on line. I admire them from the bottom of my heart, it takes a huge heart and, I am guessing, an iron stomach to help animals that are abused and neglected. I can't even watch the commercial's without bursting into tears, so people who can see and do something about this horrible problem have my gratitude. Animals don't deserve what some humans do to them.
One of the people I know who helps with small dog rescues posted on a board that I frequent. I usually am unable to help except for prayers but I was able to make a small donation this time. I can also post here and ask YOU to help if you can. Anything, no matter how small will help these dogs. They were rescued from a puppy mill and have more dogs coming from a second puppy mill. These dogs have never once, until now been touched with love.
Here is a link to the website, if you would like to donate there is a place on the website to do so. Also, if you are in Florida, these dogs are going to need homes that can show them the good in human beings. Just a thought.


CalliopeCreations said...

You're right about the "iron stomach" in rescue. Also add, deep pockets. Some funds are usually available and some vets will work for 'cost' but it still costs.

The rewards are priceless

JustATish said...

I re posted this on my personal blog and also linked back to it on facebook. sometimes the best thing we can do is spread the word, make everyone aware and pray.