Friday, July 30, 2010

Introducing Cherilynn Fine Art

I haven't featured another artist in some time. Today, I am featuring a truly talented watercolor, pen and ink artist. I have purchased a card from Cherilynn and all I can say is "wow!" Truly stunning, detailed and realistic work.

"Through technical use of the medium and color theory her watercolors take on a life of their own with bold colors and playful character expression. Her artwork is driven by a desire to express the individual characteristics of a particular animal as well as bring that animal to life through watercolor paint.
The artwork takes on the traditional portrait composition style depicting the animals as important as any family portrait. She portrays the animal kingdom as one big family."

Did I mention her extremely reasonable prices? And the fact that she does custom portraits of YOUR pet?

I just think her artwork is fantastic and as an animal lover, her pictures make me smile. And in the end, that is what life is about!

If you would like to check out her shop simply click on any of the pictures in this post or her name and you will be there.


Cherilynn Wood Fine Art said...

Thanks Sonja for the wonderful blog post and your support of my art. Truly appreciated!

CreativelyJeweled (CJ) said...

Very nice feature! Cherilynn's artwork is really very nice.