Saturday, April 17, 2010

Orange and Yellow Summer Flower Handmade Lampwork Bead

I have been working on my floral and encasing skills. I am quite happy with some of my most recent results. The florals can be quite challenging as they are a multi layer bead. The first layer is the base color or the background if you will. Then comes the vine or stem layer, usually a twisty of whatever combination you think will compliment the flowers. This is encased in a layer of clear. On top of that layer of clear go the flowers. Most flowers are also multi layer for depth. You base petal color, then usually a transparent on top of that for depth. This is melted in and then the centers are plunged, (many times with a contrasting color for the center of the flower). A dot of clear over the center if you want a bubble. Then of course you have another layer of clear to finish it off. This is the simple version, I have seen floral beads that have four to six layers of clear and are complete works of art! I am happy with my progress so far lol!

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Lauren said...

They're so pretty! I've always wanted to make encased florals - yours are looking great!