Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Potpourri of Light and Color

I will occasionally be having a guest writer for my blog. This will be the first of three to begin with. I would love your opinions on the content and if it was helpful in any way, or, if you just enjoyed reading it. And of course, I think my jewelry is the perfect compliment for making a unique, whimsical statement in your wardrobe!

It is often a glint of color or a bit of sparkle that first catches the eye. The onlooker pauses and then explores more deeply, taking in the fine textures of the materials, the workmanship and the sense of style that combine to create the look. This is not some judge at an art show or the art-lover visiting a gallery. I am talking about the person next to you on the bus, the couple across from you in the coffee shop, or the receptionist at your next appointment. T

he glints, the gleams and the layers of tasteful beauty that these onlookers appreciate are on you. You can wear them with confidence so you will not only look your best, but you can do so in a unique style that screams, I do not conform to the laws of “trendy” and “fashionable”. I am my own person.

To create this look, start with good, solid basics. If you’re dressing in jeans and a sweater, complement the look with a good belt. Hand-tooled leather with an intricate design would be good. Then add a tapestry cloth vest, one whose weaving is shot through with glints of bright silk in bold colors. Keep the fabrics of sweater and vest smooth and comfortable, and then make sure the jeans are not so plain or new that they clash. Softly worn denim with subtle overstitching for decoration would be a good choice. Tuck the jeans into a good pair of boots, well made, low heeled and not so high up on the calf that you resemble a member of the musketeers. Now, add a scarf, or maybe a boa? Do you have a special pair of earrings or a new suede cap? Begin to build on the basics, layer upon layer of pure “you”. After all, your outfit is sort of the window dressing on the person you are displaying to the world. Make sure that yours complements and never clashes with the person you wish to be seen as when you venture out.

So, maybe, you don’t have all of the elements. That’s fine. You have basics, or you’d never make it out of the house. Experiment. A splash of color or a glimmer of jewelry can make a dull suit or dress sing an aria, and the song will be of your own composing. Keep the layers light, so you can add or subtract without feeling like you’re molting, and feel free to change them about as the day and your needs change. For lunch, doff the cap and scarf, and let that beaded necklace that was hiding have a chance to peep out. You are a one-woman show in style, or at least that’s what you will appear to be.

The concept of layering is not new. Most, however, seem to think of it in conjunction with keeping warm. And while layers are great for added warmth, they can add drama or fun or mystery just as easily. So, have fun with the concept. Make a new statement every day, or simply modify the same one so that you are consistent, but never repetitive. It begins with a glint or a sparkle. Where it goes from there is up to you.