Thursday, October 1, 2009

Downstairs Work Space

Okay here are the pictures of my other workspace. Affectionately known as the Cave lol! This is where I do all the lapidary, glass work and metal work. No pictures of the metal work set up at the moment since I use the same space for that as I do for the glass. Temporary, I just haven't gotten around to putting up the other table for the metal work. I now officially own one whole wall of the basement. I do get a lot of laundry done though lol! The first picture is the lapidary machine that I cut cabs on. This is the grinding and polishing part. The trim saw is in the garage and I go to the lapidary club and use the club slab saws when I need to make slabs. The other three are pics of the glass bead making set up and an idea of what the torch looks like when I am in front (actually behind but you see what I mean) the torch. This torch gets up to 1700 degrees. It really hurts if you forget where the flame is.

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