Monday, February 11, 2008

Last Update on the Puppies

I wanted everyone to know that the final two puppies Lizzie (Elizabeth) and Alex have gone to their new homes. I am very glad but also very sad. I am surprised at how much I miss them already and Alex just left yesterday. On the other hand it is really nice to have my house back. No more hopping the gate (and we were to the point where we had to double gate one on top of the other you can imagine what a pain this was since the access to the basement where the laundry and my workbench are is thru the kitchen lol). No more newspaper to clean up and all of the stuff that was temporarily dumped in my dining room to avoid teething puppies is now back in the kitchen where it belongs! Of course we keep walking into the dining room to throw stuff in the trash can and have to turn around and go back into the kitchen.

I got a text from Lizzie's owner that said everyone already loves her even the cats. And by the way she is a bed hog. Haha! I can see that she will be quite spoiled.

Zeke's owners have sent me pictures and he looks really happy (and also spoiled).

Alex went to a couple from my church that are good friends. I will be able to visit him and be regularly updated which is great because he is just such a sweet puppy. And Elna is home all day so he will have company most of the time.

I will be posting my next edition of the Etsy artist of the week in a couple of days, hopefully by
Thursday night. I know I am behind but I am still recovering from pneumonia and still tire easily. And since I can't afford to take off extended time from work I am just sucking it up and going in. And then I come home and pass out lol!


Pengies said...

It must have been difficult to part with them, they are adorable little things!

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Hope you get well soon.Glad the puppied have good homes.