Friday, November 9, 2007

More Etsy Artists

Here is this weeks edition of Etsy Artists. It has been a really busy week for me and I was feeling a bit under the weather (okay I was feeling more than a bit under the weather) so I haven't been able to post as much as I would like. I usually aim for 3 times a week but this week has just gotten away from me. I will be updating on the pups in a couple of days (they are getting BIG and developing personality and teeth lol). I will also be doing the next step in the How to Cut Rocks series. I had to actually go and cut some rocks this week for the next step to be able to take pics of each step and each stone as I go. Not a really fast process I might add.

This artist has some truly beautiful photos and prints. Located in New South Wales, Australia these pictures evoke the beauty of sand and sea. Maybe it is just because I live in the United States but I don't think of Australia necessarily as a place with lots of beaches, I tend to associate Australia with the bush. However these photos have reminded me that Australia does indeed have beautiful beaches and most likely they are not as overpopulated as the ones here in the states.

This artist also has another shop called Bird on a Wire that has the most awesome wire sculpture. I can't even imagine the amount of time it must take to make just one piece. For a little piece of Australia in your home go check this artist out.

Recycled Ideas
I like this particular artist for a variety of reasons. One of them is her commitment to a more green earth. Obviously this is good for all of us. Maybe we should all rethink how we use and throw things away so easily. Another is the fact the she has a passion for primates and is concerned about the fact that their habitat is disappearing rapidly along with the habitat of many other species. You can see that the two go hand in hand. She makes beautiful cards and papers from recycled papers. I had no idea how rich the textures and colors could be from re-using every day items like cereal boxes. She also does the most awesome primate portraits in pastels that are also used in an educational way. For great gifts this holiday season, check out her shop and help us keep our planet green.


Felicia said...

Very talented group! I'm visiting from the Etsy forums :)

knitsteel said...

Those wire sculptures are very nice. They make me think of a form of knitting, like fingerweaving or spool knitting. Anyway, they're well done.

Field Notes said...

Thank you for mentioning me :D
I'm enjoying your puppies vicariously tho I worry if you keep posting pics and I keep reading I am going to wind up asking my hubby if we can get another puppy. He'd freak :0 but I love puppies